Live Studio Sessions (English)

Live Studio Sessions (English)

Watch artists perform live from our own studios

Live Studio Sessions (English)
  • Capture This - Live at MusicDeck

    Capture This, a female fronted pop-punk band from Denver Colorado. We had the pleasure and honor to invite them to our studios and perform three original songs live.

  • HRZN - Live at MusicDeck

    HRZN Band, a once punk cover band from Arizona, is now residing in Denver, Colorado. We had the honor of having them in our studios and performing three live acoustic sets of their original songs.

  • Zealot - Live at MusicDeck

    We had the excellent opportunity to invite Zealot, a Denver, Colorado band that performed three original songs live from our studios.

  • The Timberline - Live at MusicDeck

    We hade the privilege to have in our studios The Timberline, a modern rock band with pop-punk influences from Fort Collins Colorado.
    The Timberline performed three of their original songs live.